Brief Description

Put back the drip tray and coffee grounds drawer; close the service door.
Coffee bean hopper empty.
Brew group not inserted.
The machine is out of service.
Coffee grounds drawer full.
Water tank empty.
The machine is ready to brew products: coffee bean hopper empty
The machine is ready to brew products: replace the INTENZA+ water fillter
The machine is waiting to start the water circuit priming process.
The milk carafe ducts should be cleaned.
The machine must be descaled.
The machine is heating up.
The machine is rinsing.
Brew group rebooting.
If the machine error alarm signal is triggered, the error code is displayed in the bottom right corner of the display. XX (Following table)

Machine Out of Service Codes




Error Code





Coffee grinder blocked

Coffee outlet duct clogged

Clean the coffee outlet duct thoroughly.


Brew group locked, cannot be taken out

The brew group is incorrectly positioned.

"Close the service door. Turn the machine off and back on again. Wait for the ‘Ready for brewing’ signal and then remove the brew group."


Water circuit error

Air in the water circuit

"Remove and restore the water tank a couple of times, making sure to position it correctly. Check that the water tank seat is clean."