Milk Island Cleaning

The following instructions outline the process of cleaning a Gaggia Milk Island. Milk residue that has built up over time can impede the performance of your milk island. It is recommended that the island be cleaned on a semi-regular basis to ensure that it is working properly. Be sure to read each step thoroughly before proceeding.


  1. Remove the Milk Island carafe from the base.
  2. Remove the main cover of the Milk Island carafe by pulling it gently off of the glass cup. Do not pull the main cover at an angle, as it can break.
  3. Remove the large black rubber top that is now exposed. Pull it straight up and out of the glass cup. There is a central post that will remain attached to the glass cup. This can not be removed.
  4. Remove the black hard plastic straw from the side of the rubber top by gently pulling it straight off.
  5. Remove the triangular hard plastic piece from the very top of the rubber top. This is called the emulsifying group and is the most important piece in producing froth.
  6. Looking at the emulsifying group, you should see a small, soft rubber tip on one side that resembles a marker tip. If you squeeze the sides of the rubber tip, you will notice that the end of the rubber tip is open. Do not pull the rubber tip out of place!
  7. Use a toothpick to clean out the inside of the soft rubber tip. Closely inspect the tip for any rips or tears. Be careful not to puncture the rubber tip.
  8. Now turn the emulsifying group over so you are looking at the flat side. There is a very small pin hole. Use the toothpick to make sure that this small pin hole is completely clear. Air is drawn into the pin hole and comes out through the end of the soft rubber tip. This is how the Milk Island creates foam.
  9. Make sure all other components of the Milk Island are clean and clear of any milk residue. You can use a normal dish soap and warm water. A 50/50 mix of vinegar and water can help remove tough residue that you can not remove with soap. Soak the different parts in the solution for a while and then rinse them thoroughly.
  10. Reassemble the Milk Island carafe. Start by pressing the triangular emulsifying group back into place. Make sure that it is pressed very firmly into the large rubber top. If it is not pressed in firmly, the air will not be drawn into the emulsifying group and the Milk Island will not froth.
  11. Press the hard plastic straw back into the side of the large rubber top, again making sure that it is firmly pressed into place.
  12. Place the large rubber top back into the glass cup. It only fits in one way. The flattest side of the large rubber top should face the pouring spout. Make sure to firmly press the large rubber plug into place.
  13. Replace the main cover of the Milk Island gently.
  14. Fill the Milk Island carafe with milk to the desired level. Make sure that you do not fill it more then the “MAX” line marked on the side of the glass cup.
  15. Replace the Milk Island carafe onto the base.
  16. A clean and properly assembled Milk Island carafe should now be able to produce frothed milk.